EKS-RUMMET 14 - 29 January 2017

The new exhibition at Eks-rummet, with the fitting title Weirdo Cinema, premieres three new video works by David Dellagi.

Dellagi builds miniature tableaus consisting of collages that are animated by being carefully moved around and photographed with a digital still camera, frame by frame. The handmade quality of the cut out animation is an important part of Dellagi's aesthetic style, which also seeks to maintain the tactility and texture of the original collage material.

In the three works, different aspects of the photographic collage are explored cinematically; All Dolls are Collectible can perhaps best be described as a blue- tinted musical ode to porcelain- and plastic dolls of all kinds and sizes, developing listlessly from irony towards pathos, while Pierrot Lunaire is a black and white Georges Méliés-inspired tragic farce that has Marcel Marceau performing in a lunar Wunderkammer of bodybuilders, animals and machines. In Madisse, one of the icons of classical Modernism is treated to a subversive knock-out in Technicolor, with stylistic traits from Pop Art, kitsch and camp being utilized to relentlessly attack 'good taste’ in a francophile creme cake of eccentric proportions. Taken as a whole, the works contain a unique blend of stinging satire, innocence and over-the-top visual imagination, taking the leap into phantasmagoria all the way to the end.

David Dellagi works with painting, sculpture, collage and film. His work has been exhibited widely in DK and abroad, including at Skive Kunstmuseum, Rønnebæksholm, Kunstbygningen i Vrå, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Danske Grafikeres Hus and Sylvia White Gallery.