The Nobel Scandal Has Become a Swedish Foreign-Policy Crisis

By Isaac Herbert


Members of the Swedish Academy, interrupt their weekly dinner to give a press conference announcing the cancelation of the 2018 Nobel Prize in litterature. The Permanent Secretary is here pictured turning into a werewolf during the press conference. It seems that disclosure is now absolute. (Photo: Getty Images)

STOCKHOLM — The crisis in the Swedish Academy, which started last November with sexual assault allegations against the husband of an Academy member and culminated last Friday in the cancellation of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature, has been described in Swedish media as “the cultural conflict of the century.” But some Swedes are concerned that it may be more than that — namely, a national plague of lycanthropy. No one can explain the causality of events, except that the Swedish "werewolf epidemic" began around the time the scandal started rolling in the media.